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***How to keep your virgin for over a year ***

       How can I keep my virgin hair longer?

The key to maintaining your flawless virgin hair is maintenance!! This hair is requires high quality products!!

The shampoo & conditioner must be sulfate-free & paraban free!!


-Sulfates dry your hair out while paraban is a wax, no one wants a waxy buildup on dry hair!!

You must deep condition your hair  ATLEAST once per month!!

by deep conditioning your hair your providing the nutrients directly to your hair that the hair would get if it was still attached to the scalp!! When you deep condition your hair you replenish all the lost nutrients!

You MUST use a heat protectant!! This is a absolute must!! Do not burn your hair out!! When you blow dry & flat iron your hair please apply a heat protector to diminish heat damage to your hair!!

Please remember that virgin hair should be treated as if its your normal hair, if you don't take care of your hair it will get split ends & eventually break off. The key to healthy virgin hair is to keep your hair hydrated!!

The right products can be the difference between  having your hair for a year and having your hair for six months!!

Ladies it's like going to a steak house & they give you a McDonald's burger....definitely a NO NO!!

Follow these tips for healthy Virgin hair for ATLEAST a year!!!

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How to Save Money by Purchasing Virgin Hair Versus Buying Store Bought "REMY" Hair.



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Elysian Virgin Hair

While the stock market may go up and down the value of your hair will always stay up. Just take a moment and think of how priceless beautiful hair can be. The feeling of waking up with morning breath, but your hair is flawless!! Yup that feeling is priceless!!

Although the feeling is priceless, all things in life have a price. so lets examine the price of Store Bought Hair versus Virgin Hair 

At first glance store bought hair appears to be cheaper, there is usually a buy one get one free deal and you can usually leave the store with two packs of 18" hair for about $150.00. This averages out to be about $75.00 per pack. This hair with proper maintenance and care will last you approximately 3 months maximum!!

With virgin hair having a heftier price tag with each 4oz bundle of 18" hair costing $150.00 bringing the cost of two bundles to a whopping $300.00. This hair with proper maintenance and care will last you approximately 12 months minimum!!

I'm not the smartest knife in the drawer but I can see how buying the seemingly expensive virgin hair can actually save you money!!

2 packs of 18" store bought hair cost $150.00 but you have to buy it every 3 months so during one year you will spend $600.00 at the hair store but you wont notice it because you spend $150.00 on 4 different occasions.

2 packs of 18" virgin hair cost $300.00 once and your won't have to buy any more hair for at least 1 year.

Would you rather spend $600.00 a year or $300.00 a year  is the question you need to answer!!

It may seem like your saving money by buying cheaper hair at the hair store but you actually save money by making an initial investment in virgin hair.

This is the wearable investment that gives you the priceless feeling, while saving you money!! nothing is comparable to saving money while looking your best!!

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